Baby carriages BEBETTO - Lux4kids & boombo Slovenija


SAS - Shock Absorption System - to improve ride comfort, the front wheel swivel mechanisms are equipped with shock-absorbing elements, which absorb vibrations caused by uneven road conditions, which the pushchair is riding over. Each mechanism has its own shock absorber for greater comfort overcoming the irregular terrain.

DMS* - Direction Memory System - Overcoming uneven road surfaces by front wheels may cause detachment of one of the wheels from the surface when the second wheel overcomes the obstacle. In these situations the wheel that loses contact with the ground can start independent rotation and change its position in relation to the second wheel. When the wheel contacts the surface again and is trying to return to the proper lane that can cause vibrations. The Direction Memory System is designed to remember the position which the wheel had before losing contact with the surface.







Bebetto strollers with label „UV50+” have elements providing very high sun protection




Aluminium construction for demanding
For that reason Bebetto strollers are much more lighter, but also strong as steel.











Car seat MARS Comfort have European Safety certificate, according to norm ECE R44/04





Universal bottle holder / cup. In the summer we can quench thirst putting in for example bottle of water







Umbrella in this same colour what stroller, protect our children from bad UV lights